3 Content Strategies That Will Always Work

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3 Content Strategies

3 Content Strategies That Will Always Work

Today’s audience is growing smarter by the day. They ignore TV commercials, skip magazine advertising, and have grown oblivious to shiny banners and buttons, rendering them completely irrelevant. Enter content marketing – a smart way to approach your customers by providing them something of value in return. Keep in mind one thing though, content marketing may be smart, but it’s hardly a fresh approach. In order to get some attention in the crowded and saturated place we like to call the Internet, you have to do your best to rise above the numerous competition. Let’s see how.

Define the Customer Persona

In order for any strategy to work, it has to have a clear and precise goal. Your goal should be your customer. Now, you may be wondering “Why am I even reading this. I already have pretty well-defined customer persona”. If that persona falls in the age group of 25-30, lives in a metro city and earns roughly $50.000 you have to go back to drawing board. These are the broadest strokes possible, and everybody is targeting those same parameters. Here are some of the clues that will help you to go few steps further:

  • Find out where your ideal customers spend their time online (It can be of tremendous help while deciding upon the distribution channels).
  • Find out what your ideal customers’ habits are and where they like to hang out.
  • What celebrities and influencers they like to follow.
  • Age, gender, location, incomes AND expenditures.
  • Identify the problem in your customers’ lives your product is going to solve.
  • What are your customers’ ultimate desires?

Although these few points will help you to understand only a fraction of a person that is finally going to buy your product, they will provide you some general direction you’re going to aim your net at.

evergreen content

Write Evergreen and Relevant Content

As we mentioned above, content marketing is a strategy implemented by a huge number of businesses. However, very few of them truly understand the nature of it. For, instance content marketing is not implemented with short term goals in mind; tangible returns of content marketing rarely appear in the first 90 days of marketing efforts. That is why, in order to work, the content you are pushing online has to have two very important qualities:

  • Staying power
  • Authority (You have to publish accurate and well-researched information)

By doing that, you will not only make sure that your content has legs and will stay relevant even after your campaign is done. You will also position yourself as a go-to authority in your field of work, ensure long-term loyalty, improve your Google ranking, and generate more valuable leads.

Promote Your Content

Still, no matter how good your content may be, it won’t do the job all alone. As a matter of fact, only 20% of your overall marketing efforts should go into creating content. The rest should be put in promoting that content. Any reputable content marketing agency worth its salt will use one of the most efficient ways to do that, connecting with other bloggers and influencers and tapping into their pre-existing audiences. You are going to reach more people in less time, you will also increase your domain’s influence outreach and you will maximize your business’s message. Other promotion approaches include relentless activity on all relevant social networks (usual suspects like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, but also some local heavyweights like for example VK), and, of course, paid advertising. Do your best, though, to focus on the marketing channels that matter and don’t spread your resources too thin.

Like any other marketing approach, content marketing provides results only if it’s done right. Learning all the subtle necessities and finding the pulse of your audience will take some time, but these three strategies will certainly set you on the right track.

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