Hi my name is Endre Fredriksen and I am owner and designer of Internet Business for You website, I am also private coach trainer who uses creativity and instinct to expand people’s thinking and find tailor-made Internet Business solution for each individual on which he will work brilliantly.

I always aim to offer something that is different than what is traditionally offered by coaching instructors. Instead of being an ‘effort based’ business, we focus on the value we can create for our clients.

2012 in Boca Raton, FL I have founded small classroom where I teach students about Internet Business opportunities. Since I have lot of interest In September 2016 I am planning to found school for internet business.

I am Married and have a Beautiful Wife Roxana and a Cute blonde haired Daughter which makes me Proud all time. I will assure you my 100% best with your online project!

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