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How to Improve Your Costumer Communication in 2017?

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Communication is a two-way street and in order for it to work, you need to learn how to both convey a message and receive it. While this may not seem as such a hard task when it comes to personal relationships, the same could not be said about a B2C connection. Your clients have a set of requirements they expect you to fulfill, but you will have a much harder job without knowing what they are. So, instead of spending a fortune on analysts trying to predict what is on your client’s mind, you could just provide them with the means to tell you this themselves.

Keep Your Inbox Organized

Let’s be completely clear about one thing- giving someone your contact email doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t check it regularly. Unfortunately, over the course of years, you are bound to subscribe to a newsletter or twenty which means your email inbox will constantly be swarmed with a myriad of emails you have no intention of opening. It is easy to imagine how a vital customer email could be lost in this sea of unopened electronic mail. This is why, your first step towards improving customer communication should be organizing your inbox. Clear it regularly, unsubscribe from websites you don’t frequent and spend more time with your auto-filter option.

Make a Forum

Sometimes, there is this one huge thing issue on everyone’s mind, but people are reluctant to start talking about it. This is why making a forum may be so efficient. You see, once a thread is made it practically starts living a life of its own. At first, someone will complain about a particular problem or give a productive idea, but then other people will join in with their own comments and suggestions. Before you know it, you will get a better insight on what your clients really think about your business. In rare cases, you can even let a cat out of the bag yourself, by anonymously asking a question that you believe will bring the most interesting responses.

Better Customer Service

Although corporate email or forum may sometimes seem sufficient, your first line of defense will always be your customer service. It is in our nature to trust a human voice more than we do some words we see on the screen, even if that person could be on a different continent. Still, if these people are to be the voice of your company, they need to be carefully handpicked.

The most important condition they must fill is to have a highly developed sense of empathy. People calling will usually have a problem and they need someone on the other side of that line who can understand how they feel at the moment. Few more improvements you could make is expanding the support hours and even sometimes call them on your own (as a pseudo client), just to see how things work out practice.

Automate Some Processes

Finally, even though personal approach is completely invaluable, you simply won’t be able to have everyone on your team dealing with B2C communication. Even if you did such a thing, chances are you would still be understaffed to undertake such a task. This is why, you may want to look for some software to help you out. For example, you could automate mobile marketing activities and in this way, take at least part of this enormous job off your team.

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Why your Business Should Hire an Internet Marketing Company

Category : Marketing

An internet marketing company is a team of skilled digital marketers who can help you develop an online presence that will boost your business. A lot of businesses are jumping on board with these companies, but you might be a little indecisive. Surely you can just do it yourself? It doesn’t take a genius to create a website, right? The work of internet marketing companies actually goes far beyond this and the work they do is pretty complex. Here’s why you should hire their services to help your business.

A New Perspective

If you already have a website and online content, but it just doesn’t seem to be bringing in much traffic or getting you higher in the search results, a fresh look could be needed. When you’ve designed it, it’s much harder to see the flaws. An internet marketing company can take a look at what you already have and build up a strategy of how you’ll improve it and what you need to change and add. They’ll then do all this for you so you get the online presence your business needs.

Skilled Craftsmen

Of course, you can go DIY and create your own website and content, but if you don’t really know what you’re doing it’s going to show. A digital marketing company will have a team of talented designers, coders and writers behind them who will all be specialised in what they’re doing. This will mean you’ll get a far more professional looking website and your content will be well written, meaning that any potential customers who come across your site will take you much more seriously. A good-looking site with quality content is essential to turning browsers into customer.

 Internet Marketing Company

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

An essential aspect of gaining more traffic to your website is through local SEO, which is hard to do in-house. Internet marketing companies will have the programmes and knowledge that you need. They’ll be able to find the keywords to incorporate into your content to launch you up the search engine ranks, and writers who know what to do with these keywords. People won’t go scrolling through page after page of search results, so hiring a company that will get you to the top is key to being an online success and outranking your competitors.

Time and Energy

It’s unlikely you’re going to want to spend hours and hours every day monitoring and updating your online content and marketing strategy. You do have a business to run, after all! Hiring a company to do all this for you will free up your time to focus on other aspects of your business whilst knowing that the online side of things is in safe hands. They’ll be able to strategize, create and monitor the whole of your internet marketing so you don’t have to.


Arguably the most important reason why you should hire an internet marketing company rather than do it all yourself is simply that they know how. They know what works and what doesn’t and how to get it all done. You can give it a go, but chances are if you don’t have the expertise you’re just going to get confused by the whole thing (it is very complex) and end up with a bit of a botched job. It’s like fixing a car without the faintest idea of how it works – it’s just not going to happen.

Internet marketing companies are a great help to businesses. Even if you already have an online presence, they’ll help to improve what you’ve got and bring in more traffic. In this day and age, if you want to be successful you’re going to need to gain attention online, and internet marketers can help you do just that.


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Why Pavement Signs are great for Business

Category : Marketing

There are a lot of great POS products out there that can do wonders for your in-store advertising. From branding to promoting sales, you can use them in a variety of ways to suit your business and help maximise profits. Pavement signs in particular are a POS product that works, and the fact that they’ve been decorating high streets for so many years is testimony to this. To find out if they’re the right POS product for your business, read on.

Their Use

Pavement signs are a great way of advertising what’s going on in your store to people walking past, grabbing their attention and – hopefully – drawing them in. Most signs are double-faced, meaning that you can advertise the same thing to both directions of traffic, or have different content meaning you get two advertisements in one! They can have multiple uses, from advertising sales and deals to letting passers-by know that services such as cash machines are available. They can also be used to direct customers to your store if your location isn’t obvious.

Cheap Perks

A huge appeal of pavement signs is how cheap they are. Not only is their initial cost low, but once you buy them you have them for a lifetime, which is more than can be said about TV ads or magazine spreads. This removal of repeat payments is especially good for small stores and those that may be on a tighter budget – you don’t have to worry about paying out every month to keep your advertising going.

pavement signs

Lots of Choice

Not only can you chose which POS products are right for you, you can chose which pavement sign too. If you’re set in an area of heavy traffic or are just a bit worried about your pavement signs disappearing, you can invest in weighted bases, making your signs harder to move. This is also great for places that see harsh weather conditions. If you think you’ll be changing your content regularly, you can buy signs that make it easy to do so, and more secure, weatherproof cases for those who will keep their content the same for longer stretches. Take a look at all the varieties to find one to suit you.


Once you’ve got your pavement sign, you can advertise whatever you want in it. The content is entirely up to you. It’s simple to move your posters in and out, meaning you can change your advertisements quickly and easily – great for daily deals and spontaneous promotions. You can also test out new methods of advertising your products and if they don’t catch the attention of passers-by you won’t have wasted a ton of money.


As long as you buy quality pavement signs, they’re going to last a long time and be easy to care for. If you buy signs with wheels or those that are more lightweight, all you have to do is wheel them in in the evening and pop them back out in the morning. This is much easier than lugging around massive posters or heavy frames.

For a huge number of businesses, pavement signs are a great investment. You can use them for pretty much anything you want and they’ll last for an extremely long time, which just adds to the appeal of their tiny cost! Just make sure your content is up to scratch and watch the customers flock in!

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Why you Should Never Neglect Word of Mouth Marketing

Category : Marketing

When you really think about it, word of mouth is probably the original form of marketing. The first time a caveman realized he could make a good living from selling extra animal skins, he probably asked his customers if they might be kind enough to recommend his skins to their cavefriends. The second caveman who got in on the animal skin game probably did the same.

Over the millennia, the tactics and the techniques may have changed (dramatically so since the advent of internet), but at the very core, word of mouth marketing remained almost touchingly identical. It all comes down to people hearing good things about a company from someone they believe and/or trust.

Why It Works

Before we start investigating why word of mouth marketing words, we might want to provide a few facts to actually prove that it does. For instance, Nielsen found out that 84% of consumers somewhat or completely trust recommendations from family, friends and colleagues. Moreover, in some other research, it was revealed that people trust recommendations by people who they don’t know. There are far more interesting facts and statistics here.

The very obvious and understandable reason why word of mouth marketing works is that it does not come from a company. Our consciousness has developed enough to understand (at least on a rational level) that the companies would say anything to get us to choose their product or service. We managed to get to that point, thankfully. When someone other tells us a product or service is a good one, however, we believe them. Especially if these are the people we know.

The most interesting thing is that word of mouth marketing works even when we do not know people who recommend something. We, for some reason, trust them that they are objective and that they are recommending something out of the kindness of their heart. And the vast majority of them might. Still, this is a gray area.


How it Has Changed

Word of mouth marketing changed immensely with the advent of internet and especially the social networks where ordinary people can say what they think about certain products and services. All of a sudden, you can get people’s opinion on pretty much anything. Even the largest ecommerce websites such as eBay or Amazon prominently feature consumer’s comments and ratings.

Of course, this has led to an entire industry of brand ambassadors, i.e. people who professionally spread the good word about a product or a service. It is very much the same thing as endorsing something, only the medium has changed. Still, one might consider this word of mouth marketing.

How You Can Benefit

If you are an owner of a company or a marketer who wishes to tap in on the word of mouth marketing game, there are a few things that you can do. First of all, you always need to take care of your most loyal customers. Show them that you appreciate them – both directly and indirectly. Just for an example, reward them with gift cards for Christmas, which are loaded with a symbolic (or less symbolic) amount of money they can spend however they like when their business with you hits a milestone.

Furthermore, always pay attention to what people are saying about you, both offline and online. This is very easy to do online these days. If you find out that people are badmouthing you, investigate why this is the case. Sometimes you can unearth some truly important things about your company this way. Being forward about your commitment to certain social, environmental and other causes might also cause people to start recommending your company to their friends and family.

It is all about painting a certain picture of your company in public and also, of course, providing a great product or service.

That is the kind of thing that gets the word of mouth going naturally.

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Why You Need a Good Email Remarketing Strategy

Category : Marketing

Remarketing refers to the practice of targeting the customers that have left the store without making the purchase they came for. This can be effective tool if it’s done right. If not, it can backfire and annoy and inconvenience the customer. The best way of doing this (even now when everything is about social media) is via email. It’s subtle and unobtrusive and it can be used in a variety of ways – making it stand out from your initial campaign and target specific customers.

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Creating Viral Real Estate Videos

Selling or buying a home involves a lot of subjective and emotional decisions. Before any transactions take place, a real estate professional will need to make critical decisions, and may be required to get more creative if he or she is to get in front of sellers and buyers.

One thing that’s certain is that using real estate video marketing is amongst the best ways to address and appeal to the subjective, emotional factors that are synonymous to almost every transaction. As it is with nearly all other forms of marketing, poor video marketing tactics could end up turning off a seller or buyer just as fast as it irks them.

In this piece, we will be providing useful tips that if followed, could make it easier for you to make viral real estate videos that attract both buyers and sellers to your business.

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