Creating Viral Real Estate Videos

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Creating Viral Real Estate Videos

Selling or buying a home involves a lot of subjective and emotional decisions. Before any transactions take place, a real estate professional will need to make critical decisions, and may be required to get more creative if he or she is to get in front of sellers and buyers.

One thing that’s certain is that using real estate video marketing is amongst the best ways to address and appeal to the subjective, emotional factors that are synonymous to almost every transaction. As it is with nearly all other forms of marketing, poor video marketing tactics could end up turning off a seller or buyer just as fast as it irks them.

In this piece, we will be providing useful tips that if followed, could make it easier for you to make viral real estate videos that attract both buyers and sellers to your business.

What Are Viral Real Estate Videos?

Viral videos aren’t just parodies of famous songs or amateur videos of cats or dogs doing funny things. As a matter of fact, some of the most outstanding viral videos are professionally produced videos that are created to reach an audience in a unique way.

Real estate wise, viral videos are those that can creatively promote a Realtor and/or real estate or property company by employing content that captures the attention of viewers and encourages them to share it with their friends.

There aren’t many great examples out there that can epitomize the definition of viral real estate videos than the following example. The video below was created by Josh Altman, who is a luxury real estate specialist working for Douglas Elliman, as a means to raise charity money. Not only did the video do this, but it also went viral quite fast and currently has over 1 million views… and still counting.

How Does A Real Estate Video Go Viral?

Considering what we’ve just learned, the question you need to ask yourself is what did Mr. Altman do to make this video go viral so fast?

To create viral videos, especially in extremely conservative industries like this one, you need to ensure that it is made of one or more of the following characteristics if it is to reach the same status as the video above.

For a real estate video to go viral, it should be…

•    Funny. The most effective way, and one of the fastest ways to get any video to go viral, is to make sure that you make it funny. However, the tricky part lies in figuring out what your target audience considers funny. There is nothing as bad as a video that is trying to be funny, but is way off the mark or tasteless. As such, it is important to ensure that you understand your targeted audience very well.

•    Creative. One way of telling if you have got something that is creative is when someone else gets to see it and wishes they had thought of that. If there is one thing that is respected in almost every social circle out there, it is creativity. Creativity can be quite effective when it comes to getting viewers more interested in what you have to offer.

•    Short. One thing that is synonymous with almost all viral videos be it on YouTube or anywhere else, is that they are all short. Most viral videos are never more than 5 min long. Most, if not all, viral videos spread so fast because of the fact that most of them are relatively easy to understand and to watch more than one time.

•    Provocative. Whether you choose to agree with this fact or not, the truth is that sex sells. Though the real estate industry tries very hard to maintain a rather conservative persona, the truth is that sex is used, and will always be used to sell properties – why? Because it works.

•    Memorable. You will know your video has gone viral when viewers start to refer to it by name. There is no better example at the moment than the pop song “Gangnam Style” by Korean Pop Star, Psy. With over 2.5 billion views and over 10.7 million likes, this memorable and rather catchy music video is already one of the most viewed videos of all time – making it a viral video.

Tips To Consider When Looking To Make Your Video Go Viral

Unless you are in the right place at just the right time with your camera, then you probably will have to do some work to create a viral real estate video. If you want to create a viral video, then here are some tips for you to consider:

•    Create a video that is targeted to your specific audience by using the right content, humor, and language.
•    Upload your videos to social platforms like Vimeo or YouTube so that you and the viewers you are targeting can easily interact with it and share it.

•    Give it a memorable, yet descriptive title just like you would for a post on your blog that you want people to read and share.

•    Ensure that your company logos and branding are just subtle references.

•    Do not use annoying captions, ads, or annotations.

•    Optimize the video for increased organic search value to ensure that it gets, even more, traffic.

•    Use a celebrity like a musician, athlete, or actor in the video if you can.

•    Take advantage of social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ to get your video to more people.

Here’s another great viral real estate video example for you to consider – and it is one that so happens to meet most of the tips and characteristics outlined above.

Viral real estate videos are primarily intended for the purpose of taking a topic and adding another edge to it so that it reveals a fun side and amusing side of a company. Viewers are likely to share videos if they meet the above characteristics and if you do the following things:

10 Ideas On How To Make Your Real Estate Video Go Viral

The biggest challenge when it comes to the creation of viral real estate videos is creating the initial concept. Considering this, we thought we can get your creativity flowing by providing you a list of 10 ideas that will get you started. They include:

1.    Create a professional-looking short infomercial of your luxury property(s)

2.    Parody a commercial or song that is widely popular

3.    Record a practical joke that will boost your company’s lighter side; however, it is important to ensure that it also displays your knowledge of an area or property

4.    Create an animated video that explains the history or an area or property

5.    Get video testimonials from celebrated clients

6.    Start a video series that explains your job

7.    Create a montage of a couple hideous homes or properties that you have ever been requested to list

8.    Provide an informative tour of a neighborhood other websites wouldn’t want to provide

9.    Re-enact memorable or funny situations you have experienced as a realtor

10.    Create a stimulating commercial that can entice your clientele to want to view a property you are selling or to consider using your services.

Before you start thinking about being famous, remember that the viral real estate videos you create should serve one purpose – creating business for you. If you end up getting caught up in YouTube fame and losing sight of generating more business, then you’ll probably never get to seeing a return on the investment you make.

It is, therefore, advisable that you try the ideas and tips above to start making real estate videos that are effective, and which have greater chances of going viral.


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