eToro – Meet a Real Social Trading Broker

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Social Trading Broker

eToro – Meet a Real Social Trading Broker

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It is not easy to bring something new in the Forex trading, especially when we know that this specific type of trading has been among us all these years. It seems that almost all brokers offer similar trading platforms and that we hardly can try something new here. However, it is not true. There are brokers who can be described as real pioneers in this field; brokers that had enough courage to offer something unique and different to traders, even if this revolution could cost them a lot. One of these pioneers in forex trading is eToro- a broker who launched a completely new type of trading by integrating a classic trading with social media. This is the reason why eToro can be marked as a true social trading broker.

So, what traders can expect if they choose eToro for their broker? First of all, they can expect that they will be a part of the large community, where they can exchange their experiences and opinions about certain trading strategies without any kind of limitations. In other words, eToro is like some kind of a big social platform for online trading. But there is more, of course.

Basically, if you decide to trade with this broker, you will be in a position to choose between three major platforms, and each of them is suitable both for forex and CFDs. These three platforms, Open Book, Web trader and Mobile Trader, are well known in a professional investors’ circles. If you want to get the best results, then you should combine them all. It will not be the problem, simply because all three trading platforms perfectly work together.

  • Web Trader is user-friendly eToro’s trading platform which allows people to use a number of great options. One of these options is the famous CopyTrader, where you can see what other traders do and how they are closing their deals. If you want, you can copy their strategies and maximize your chances for success. In addition, Web Trader platform has everything that is needed for tracking trading process, including live rates, orders and open positions.

  • Mobile Trader is a great way to trade online by using your smartphone. You can download this great app from the Google Play or, if you are using iPhone, you can find it on the Apple App. This is the great way to stay connected with the trading community and track your results anywhere and anytime.

  • OpenBook is the core of eToro’s social trading platforms. It is a responsive platform that allows traders to communicate and share useful information. In other words, it is the Facebook for forex traders.

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