How to Improve Your Costumer Communication in 2017?

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How to Improve Your Costumer Communication in 2017?

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Communication is a two-way street and in order for it to work, you need to learn how to both convey a message and receive it. While this may not seem as such a hard task when it comes to personal relationships, the same could not be said about a B2C connection. Your clients have a set of requirements they expect you to fulfill, but you will have a much harder job without knowing what they are. So, instead of spending a fortune on analysts trying to predict what is on your client’s mind, you could just provide them with the means to tell you this themselves.

Keep Your Inbox Organized

Let’s be completely clear about one thing- giving someone your contact email doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t check it regularly. Unfortunately, over the course of years, you are bound to subscribe to a newsletter or twenty which means your email inbox will constantly be swarmed with a myriad of emails you have no intention of opening. It is easy to imagine how a vital customer email could be lost in this sea of unopened electronic mail. This is why, your first step towards improving customer communication should be organizing your inbox. Clear it regularly, unsubscribe from websites you don’t frequent and spend more time with your auto-filter option.

Make a Forum

Sometimes, there is this one huge thing issue on everyone’s mind, but people are reluctant to start talking about it. This is why making a forum may be so efficient. You see, once a thread is made it practically starts living a life of its own. At first, someone will complain about a particular problem or give a productive idea, but then other people will join in with their own comments and suggestions. Before you know it, you will get a better insight on what your clients really think about your business. In rare cases, you can even let a cat out of the bag yourself, by anonymously asking a question that you believe will bring the most interesting responses.

Better Customer Service

Although corporate email or forum may sometimes seem sufficient, your first line of defense will always be your customer service. It is in our nature to trust a human voice more than we do some words we see on the screen, even if that person could be on a different continent. Still, if these people are to be the voice of your company, they need to be carefully handpicked.

The most important condition they must fill is to have a highly developed sense of empathy. People calling will usually have a problem and they need someone on the other side of that line who can understand how they feel at the moment. Few more improvements you could make is expanding the support hours and even sometimes call them on your own (as a pseudo client), just to see how things work out practice.

Automate Some Processes

Finally, even though personal approach is completely invaluable, you simply won’t be able to have everyone on your team dealing with B2C communication. Even if you did such a thing, chances are you would still be understaffed to undertake such a task. This is why, you may want to look for some software to help you out. For example, you could automate mobile marketing activities and in this way, take at least part of this enormous job off your team.

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