Most Effective Ways to Improve Your Concentration

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Most Effective Ways to Improve Your Concentration

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“Focus, focus, focus!” yelled almost student while banging his head with a textbook. The mind wanders around and you have trouble focusing on anything for more than a couple of minutes. You have countless unfinished projects lying around somewhere, a bunch of ideas you think about executing, and a bunch of regrets about where you are in your life. Dear You, this looks like a usual case of lack of concentration.

Luckily, there are ways to improve concentration and we have compiled a few tips that can help boost your short- or long-term improvements.

Short-Term Concentration Boost

– Make some simple 3×5 cards, divide them into 3 sections (morning, afternoon, and night), and make a little check mark each time you catch your mind wandering. This will raise your awareness of each time you lose your concentration, and that same awareness will help you boost it. This can also show you which parts of the day are your most vulnerable times and what to do in order to improve concentration.

– Improve the oxygen flow to your brain. Because of gravity, blood gets pooled in the body’s lower half, not pushing enough oxygen to the brain. Thus, get up and walk around a bit every now and then improve your blood circulation and help oxygenate your brain.

– The concentration levels go down if you don’t take breaks every half an hour. Your brain loses its processing power if you try concentrating for hours at a time. Take power naps or breaks in order to reboot and use the maximum potential of your mental capacities.

Never work from your bed. The desk is where you should concentrate on your work, while the bed is where you sleep. These associations are made by our minds subconsciously. When you try to work on your bed, you’re actually sending “sleep” cues to your mind, and that makes you counterproductive.

– Whenever you feel that your concentration is drifting away, remember the five-more rule – whatever you’re doing, do five more. Quite simple, isn’t it? Look and find that extra energy within you to do five more.


Long-Term Concentration Fixes

– If you don’t have it, you concentration dissipates, so you’d better make a plan. Sitting down to work on something without a plan usually ends with Internet browsing, instant messaging, and constant email checks. Time is wasted if there’s no purpose. Instead, make a clear plan in which you will allocate enough time for work, sleep and entertainment.

– If you continue working in the same place, it can drive you crazy. However, the problem can be solved by taking constant breaks and mixing up the environment. It will make you more interested in your work or study subject, and make you more active.

– It is important to avoid overeating, and develop a balanced and controlled diet. Otherwise, overeating can make you feel sleepy and uncomfortable due to the huge load of digestion. Eat light and healthy in order to reap maximum benefits from your concentration efforts.

– You can’t expect someone to have Mr. Olympia muscles without doing some strength training. It’s the same thing with your concentration – practice makes perfect. The more you exercise it, the better and stronger it becomes. You can aid the process by using supplements like the Lucid smart pill to add up to your mental agility and get you into the track faster.

– Some places, like private rooms, study lounges and school libraries, are better for concentration than others. Thus, you should think about and choose your own place for concentration. If you really want to concentrate on your work, stay away from other people and choose a place with the least or no distractions.

Concentration can be improved also by avoiding oversleeping and lacking in sleep. You should always take some rest, but at the right time and in right amounts. This can calm your mind, which is required for better concentration, as well as the practice of meditation and regular exercise. If we are stressed, disrupted, weak, and unhealthy, it would be more difficult to stay concentrated over a longer period of time.


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