Why Rodents Can Ruin Your New Business’ Reputation

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Why Rodents Can Ruin Your New Business’ Reputation

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Every day across the world shops and stores are being closed due to pest infestations. Even the most reputable of businesses have shut down in the past year because of a rodent problem.

There can be many reasons why rodents might infest a store. Clean practices may have become lax, or the management have been totally unaware there was an infestation. You can never truly know why a business has been shut down, but you will know for certain that its reputation will have been permanently sullied.

It’s mainly the food service shop that is particularly prone to a rodent infestation, but no business is immune. Rubbish bins, cellars and cafeterias are all the perfect places for rodents who want to seek shelter.

To preserve a company’s good reputation, they must stay vigilant in their efforts to keep rodents outside. They need to train staff in the same practices too.

Change all of your rubbish bins regularly, and make sure they’re emptied on a regular basis. Placing traps discreetly in certain areas can also deter rodents. Make sure any windows and doors are also sealed properly.

If you do see any signs of rodent activity in your business, you need to make steps to control it immediately. Given the chance and a comfortable environment to live in, rodents nests can grow at an alarming rate. The longer you leave it without taking action, the more serious the problem will become.

Here are some of the consequences of having a rodent infestation in your business.

  • Loss – Customers and employees will lose trust in you, and will leave your business. This in turn will result in loss of profits.
  • Damages – Goods, food and your reputation will be damaged by a rodent infestation.
  • Costs – Temporary closure will mean loss of business and it will cost a lot to get an infestation treated, and then replacing all of your stock.
  • Legality – Not complying with health and hygiene laws can carry a hefty fine and results in business closure.

Concerned about your London businesses reputation being ruined by rodents? You may need mouse or rat control and ideally to invest in an Empire pest control contract to protect your store from rodents and other pests on an ongoing basis.

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