Money Lessons You Can Learn From Donald Trump

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Money Lessons You Can Learn From Donald Trump

In the last few months, Donald Trump has been in the spotlight even more often than in the past. He is known, of course, for his substantial success in the world of business, his successful television show, “The Apprentice,” and most recently for his presidential campaign which is unorthodox. Although he seems to have many valid (or possibly crazy) ideas for his campaign there are actually some lessons that we can learn from Trump when it comes to money management and our money.


It seems that Trump has taught that you need to look deeply into a company and not just at the headlines when you are considering which company you should invest in. Trump himself has never filed for personal bankruptcy but quite a few of his companies have done so even though he is a very successful person. This is a hard money lesson to learn. It is actually a reminder that when you are on the path to success you must first fail in order to succeed. This is a hard but sometimes necessary lesson that everyone must learn.

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