Affiliate marketing

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Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is type of performance in which four sides are involved, merchant, affiliate, network and customer. Key role for you is affiliate because that is your role, and for effort you will be paid. Main role of affiliate is to bring visitors or customers to merchants and he is rewarded with commission for each.

Affiliate use different techniques to attract visitors, some techniques are more conventional some are not. Some of conventional techniques are: E-mail marketing, organic search engine optimization (SEO), paid search engine marketing (PPC – Pay Per Click), and placing ads to your website. Less conventional type of marketing is publishing reviews of products or services paid by merchants.

E-mail marketing is one of oldest techniques of marketing and it is very often considered as junk and spam marketing. Since of advance of e- mail anti spam software it is much harder to attract visitor with spam and junk mail, also e-mail users are deleting this type of e-mails with bulk option, and mails stay never seen.

SEO on other hand is way to improve your website in order attract more visitors. It is technique which includes connecting with other sites (linking), selection of tags for your site, and pages, writing content that includes frequently searched keyword, adding relevant keywords to a web page’s meta data, and updating site.

affiliate marketingPaid search engine marketing is type of marketing which brings you revenue from ads placed on your website. Visitors of your site when click on Ad, were redirected to paid content. Depending of behaviour of visitor on redirected site you are going to be paid or not (stayed on site enough to be informed on web site content, and browsed that site).

Publishing reviews on blogs, forums, merchant website. For this kind revenue it is necessary to have large circle of followers on Facebook, Twiter and other social networks, or specialize in one field.

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