Top In-demand Jobs of the Future

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Top In-demand Jobs of the Future

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Unfortunately, we have all seen people being laid off or made redundant over the past several years, due to all sorts of reasons. Perhaps you yourself have lost your job?

The fact that the unemployment rate is higher than ever coupled with the fact that more people are now graduating from college than ever before, which means that making the right call when choosing a career is now more important and more difficult than it used to be. Luckily, there’s now more information available to those who know where to search for it. If you just take a look at some statistics, you’ll be able to see what industries are most likely to be the leading ones in the future.

For the following article, we’ve compiled a list of jobs that are either already very popular or are expected to be.


Despite the rapid development of software solutions aiming to provide these services, it’s safe to say that the demand for excellent interpreters and translators will remain at a high level. The basic reason is that there is more content being created in all fields and if that content is to reach wider audiences, it needs to be translated. Also, for as long as there is literature and entertainment, there’ll be need for translators.

Physical therapists and assistants

The importance of physical therapy in helping people recover from illness or injury can’t be underestimated. This highly rewarding, yet equally difficult job is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. One of the advantages of this profession is that you might be able to look for a job even outside the borders of your country, since the communication between a physical therapist and a patient is minimal.

Geotechnical engineer

This probably comes as a surprise, but due to the shortage of experienced professionals, geotechnical engineering provides almost certain employment, even without a master’s degree. The mechanics of soil and rock (geodetical surveying) is vital for design and construction of foundations, roads, tunnels, embankments, etc., which is why a career in this field might be very attractive for many. One of the best examples of successful geotechnical engineering companies is Douglas Partners.

Information security analyst

The whole IT industry is expected to thrive even more in the future, so any job that is somehow connected to it should bring vast job opportunities. One of the segments that is definitely going to grow is the field of information security. Those in charge of designing and implementing security measures that protect a company’s network and systems will become even more important in the future.

Nurse practitioners

There is already a great shortage of qualified nursing staff in many countries all over the world. People assisting patients’ health needs need to have great communication skills, have to be extremely detail-oriented and able to remain calm under a lot of pressure.

Software developers

Since there’s no end in sight for the need to create more software to assist our private and professional needs, we are going to continue being heavily dependent on those able to produce them. Another advantage of this job is that is doesn’t necessarily require any formal education and qualifications, but is very much skill-oriented, and many people from different professional backgrounds worldwide are re-training to become software developers.

Naturally, this is just a short list of occupations that will most certainly be popular in the future, but there are also many other that will provide decent chances for employment. When making a decision about your career, you do need to be very much aware of your wishes and inclinations, but it would be unwise to neglect some obvious trends.

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